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What is Business Know How?

Cafe Kickstart course

Get your cafe off to the right start with our Cafe Kickstart course.

The Kickstart course contains 6 modules of live training, with 12 weeks' access to recorded content, downloadable checklists and templates, as well as access to the exclusive BKH Facebook community of other startup operators, just like you, enabling you to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

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26 April 2024

BKH Signature Course

Know the laws of business, and know how to manage your legal risks.

The signature course contains 12 modules, downloadable checklists and templates, as well as access to the exclusive BKH Facebook community of like-minded business owners.


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Legal Health Checklist

 Check whether your business is legally healthy, and whether you need more know how.

Learn from a lawyer with business experience

Melissa Bush is an experienced lawyer, but also an experienced business owner, having set up her own law firm over 20 years ago.

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Are you starting a new business?  And have no idea where to start in understanding the important laws of start-up?

BKH is the solution.

By accessing the BKH portal, you will be able to access online webinars and training courses to learn about the laws of business, download templates and checklists, and get access to our exclusive BKH Facebook community of like-minded business owners.

BKH was established by Melissa Bush, a business lawyer with over 27 years’ experience of seeing business owners having to incur a significant amount of time, money and energy in dealing with legal issues that could have been avoided if only they had core knowledge and understanding of the essential laws of business.

BKH is for business owners who want to be proactive rather than reactive – and who want to manage their legal risks in the most cost and time effective way possible.

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Examples of problems that could have been avoided with some knowledge and know how ...

The friends who started a business together but failed to draw up a Shareholders Agreement. The friendship failed, and the business fell apart when they ended up in a protracted dispute which could not be resolved.

The tenant that didn't appreciate the importance of exercising its option to renew the lease for a further term, resulting in the landlord serving a Notice to Vacate at the end of the initial term.

The business owner without an effective debt recovery system in place, resulting in thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices, and significant cash flow issues.


What can you expect from a Business Know How membership?

Online course

consisting of modules, templates, checklists and more

Exclusive Facebook community

where like-minded business owners can share ideas, experiences and wisdom


Regular updates on developments in the law and Court decisions, to enable business owners to keep on top of their legal rights and obligations.

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